The edge of the known territories

“Get up kid,” said an engineer on the freighter I had rode to the edge of the territories. “End of the line, kid.”

“No…” I grumbled pulling my backpack over my face.

“End of the line,” he repeated.

I sat up. I shook out my nebulous purple hair, the shifting locks sparkled silver as I shook them like a flurry starry snow. I smoothed down the shorter, blue locks on top as best I could. My face was creased from using my wrinkled backpack as a pillow. I blinked into the sudden light.

Slowly, I stood up, straightening my legs, stiff from sleeping on the hard, metal surface of the freighter train.

I had slept in my boots and jeans.

I staggered off the freighter car, I carried my backpack by it’s thin strap, dusty from the rusty floor of the car. It really was a godforsaken place, but I loved it, drinking in the cold desert air in the disused freighter yard.. The sun was a bit redder than Regellia’s and it was remarkably cold for a desert planet. I rubbed my arms in the dawn light. I appraised the redrocks and turned and recognised a familiar face.

“Daneu!” I yelled, running over and throwing my full weight in my arms around his neck. “What are you doing here?”

“Astrid!” he said, returning my hug.

I released his neck from my strangle hold. “I’m so hungry, and I’m so cold,” I said, wrapping myself in my arms and shivering. “Let’s find something to eat, Daneu.”

I put my arm around his back. He wrapped his arm around me and I leaned into him.

I shifted my backpack to my other arm and slipped it on my shoulders as we walked.

“Anything that’s hot and food,” I said.


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